Where to buy duct cleaning equipment?

Results 1 - 48 of 1000+ · Chimney Cleaning Brush Duct Dryer Kit 2 in 1 Fireplace Dryer Lint Sweeping Tools 18' Flexible Rods Rotating System Running. NIKRO Industries manufactures and distributes a full line of air duct cleaning equipment and supplies for cleaning HVAC systems and ducts. NIKRO is proud to be a member of NADCA (National Air Duct Cleaning Association) and provides equipment and tools for the proper source removal method for cleaning residential and commercial air duct systems. NIKRO manufactures portable and gas-powered electric HEPA filtration vacuum systems, as well as complete packages, training and support for this growing and profitable industry.

Turn to NIKRO for all your duct cleaning equipment needs. Clean your ducts with Goodway's complete duct cleaning machine systems. Cleaning the air ducts promotes better indoor air quality (IAQ) and maintains a healthy ventilation system. Duct cleaning systems with rotating brush and duct vacuums provide superior cleaning of mold, dust, debris and other contaminants.

Finish the job well by fogging up the disinfectant to help remove black mold in the air ducts and latent bacteria, and clean and disinfect the ductwork. A customer's air duct cleaning job can give you the opportunity to offer any other services related to your core business. This type of additional service is economical to purchase and because of the credibility that carpet cleaners have with their customer base, adding duct cleaning is an opportunity. HVAC contractors have begun to use air duct cleaning as a way to close more equipment replacement jobs.

The rotating brush method is the preferred choice for residential 26% light commercial duct cleaners, as a brush will provide better scrubbing power and better cleaning. Since 2001, the SpinVax TM has been one of the leading professional air duct cleaning systems on the market. Negative air requires you to cut an 8-inch hole to access the ducts, while the contact method uses existing duct openings. An air duct cleaning operation may also include the application of chemical biocides to non-porous surfaces in the HVAC system.

Whether you're adding air duct cleaning services to your current business or starting a new business, Jendco has the equipment packages needed to meet the needs and demands of this growing industry. You'll probably spend 2 hours reviewing the material and feel comfortable doing your first duct cleaning right from the start. As expected, a unit with an integral multi-stage filtration system offers the safest and most comfortable duct cleaning experience. Add air duct cleaning as an added value to any equipment replacement package and you'll increase your chances of closing the deal.

Air duct cleaning is a very attractive service due to the low start-up cost and the high rate of return. Since the air ducts are hidden, people forget to clean them, but they don't realize that this harms their health. A successful duct cleaning operation will usually involve the use of several different types of equipment. You can earn the same amount of money with the SpinVax 1000XT professional air duct cleaning system without the high cost.