Can duct cleaning be done in winter?

You can schedule duct cleaning during the winter with complete confidence simply by the way the Dust Doctors process is designed. The truth is that it is never too late for the air ducts to be cleaned. It may be especially worth doing in the winter months. However, if possible, you should try to clean them before winter comes.

It is suggested that you clean the ducts every 3 to 5 years. If you suffer from allergies, have pets at home, or notice any of these warning signs, you should do so more often. Just as cleaning ducts during the summer has benefits, there are also benefits to cleaning them during the winter. Read on to learn more about why ducts should be cleaned in winter.

Cold weather forces you to turn on the heating. With the heating on, you can't open the windows, as you would in the summer, to let fresh air flow through your house. If your windows open and the heating is on, you run the risk of heat escaping and your utility bills going up. With a lack of fresh air, the air in your home is recycled through the duct system.

Keep in mind that your duct system accumulates particles and debris over time, and if you haven't cleaned them since summer, there could be a lot of recycled pollutants and other allergens throughout your home. If ducts are cleaned in winter, they will be cleaned of any leftover debris from autumn and summer, leaving you with clean air. People are also more likely to get sick from colds, flu and other ailments during the winter. If you clean your air ducts before the start of the season, you may reduce your chances of experiencing other illnesses and symptoms from breathing dirty air.

Many people suffer from a sore throat and congestion when they constantly breathe contaminated air, so avoid these problems by cleaning the ducts. While using the air conditioner during spring and summer, the ducting system will collect dust and debris. A common problem that homeowners face is smelling something that burns when they turn on the heating once it gets cold. Having a Clogged HVAC System Affects Air Ducts.

You will be amazed at how the performance of the system is affected. As soon as the air ducts are cleaned, ordinary debris that blocked the air flow disappears, allowing fresh air to filter. Instead of paying later, it is better to check the HVAC system and clean the air ducts regularly. That's why it's best to professionally clean the air ducts early in the season, especially before celebrating holidays such as Thanksgiving and Christmas Day.

Calling an Air Duct Cleaning Professional Can Help You Avoid the Need for Costly HVAC Repairs in Midwinter. Clean ducts are more important than ever during winter, when you're likely to use your HVAC system more. If you haven't already, you should place air duct cleaning at the top of your winter maintenance checklist. All in all, you'll have a lower energy bill and your home will heat up more quickly when the air ducts are clean.

Contact Kohmar Air Duct Cleaning to discuss how to prepare your home's HVAC system for the cold months ahead. As you plan your Christmas holidays and Black Friday shopping lists, take some time to schedule an air duct cleaning. Cleaning the air ducts means you can rest easy knowing that your oven or heat pump is not hampered by a layer of harmful particles to health. If you need a reliable air duct cleaning company in the Richmond and Chesterfield areas, contact Kohmar.

Here in Deerfield, Illinois, an easy way to limit allergy symptoms is to clean your air ducts before winter sets in. .