When is duct cleaning necessary?

Have the air ducts cleaned if they are visibly contaminated with significant growth of mold, pests or vermin, or if they are clogged with significant deposits of dust or debris. Ask your service provider to show you any mold or other biological contamination they say exists. While duct cleaning operations may insist that duct cleaning is essential to your health, the evidence does not support their claims. Companies that perform duct cleaning often advertise health benefits or suggest that duct cleaning will lower your energy bills by improving the efficiency of your system.

Some ads even use language such as “Studies have shown. but there is no data to support these claims. Even if your ducts are dirty, cleaning them probably won't provide any measurable benefit. In fact, the little independent research done on duct cleaning indicates that the process removes so much dust that it creates a bigger problem than it solves.

If your family members get sick regularly, you suspect mold is growing in your duct, or you simply think your house dust is coming from the air duct, you may be tempted to contact an air duct cleaning service. Ultimately, what you really want is cleaner air in your home. But will cleaning the air ducts really provide you with cleaner air? Or is duct cleaning a waste of money? We will tell you why we don't offer duct cleaning services and we don't recommend it to our customers either. So why don't we offer duct cleaning even though our customers request this service from us on a regular basis? Air conditioning systems are already designed with a built-in cleaning system called an air filter.

The function of the air filter is to remove particles from the air that flows through your HVAC system. Air filters don't always filter out all dust particles, but is it really a problem? In most cases, any dust that passes through the air filter and enters the duct system is minimal and has not been shown to cause an appreciable decrease in air quality. As the EPA study suggests, most of the dust will adhere to the surface of the duct and will not continue to penetrate your home. Any dust that comes out of the duct into your home should be trapped by the air filter during the next cycle.

Because air conditioners rely on air filters to clean air and since there is no evidence of the need to clean ducts, HVAC manufacturers do not design air ducts to clean them. The EPA recommends that if you choose to use duct cleaning services, only use it on ducts made of solid sheet metal. However, in most homes today we use flexible ducts that can be easily damaged with duct cleaning services. If air duct cleaning is not done correctly, it can cause more damage to air quality by releasing more dust into the house or insulation particles from the broken duct.

Once the air duct is damaged, you have no choice but to replace it. This will result in an even greater expense than if you had simply replaced the conduit at the beginning. If you are considering duct cleaning due to mold in your home, consider the type of duct you have. EPA only recommends duct cleaning if you have solid sheet metal ducts.

They also caution consumers to always verify that any biological material in the duct is actually mold. This can be verified by third-party testing. You should never take a contractor's word for it when they claim there is mold in your air ducts. In addition, cleaning your air ducts can remove visible areas of mold; however, unless you discover and address the root cause of mold, you may find yourself fighting the same battle again in the future.

If mold continues to develop, then there is a reason. Until you solve the problem at the root, root canal cleaning will not help. If you're thinking about cleaning your air ducts because you want cleaner air, let us offer you some better alternatives. While air filters help remove particles from the air, to actually kill viruses, bacteria and mold, you'll need to use some kind of additional technology, such as the Reme Halo device.

Reme Halo device can be inserted into existing ductwork. Once installed, it distributes the ionized hydroperoxide molecules. Hydroperoxide molecules attack airborne contaminants, such as bacteria, mold, and dander. It also charges the air particles it comes into contact with and causes them to stick together, making it easier for the air filter to remove enlarged particles.

The REME HALO is already used in hospitals, cruise ships, restaurants, food processing plants and other industrial applications. Fortunately, it can also be installed in your home to provide you with safer and cleaner air. There are very effective air filter systems that can be added to your existing air conditioning system. A 5 inch filter has a larger surface area giving you two great benefits.

First of all, it allows you to filter more particles from the air without restricting air flow. Secondly, it only needs to be changed every 3-6 months instead of monthly. MERV is a unit that measures how effectively a filter works. The higher the MERV rating, the more particulates there will be if it is filtered out of the air.

However, if you use a very high MERV filter, it can also reduce the airflow in your system too much. Since your air conditioning system is designed to use air filters to clean the air, the most obvious thing you can do is change filters regularly. If you have a standard 1 inch pleated filter, we recommend that you change the air filter monthly. While Pro-Tech doesn't recommend duct cleaning services, we can definitely help you improve the air quality in your home.

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If you suspect that there is a mold problem, either due to visible growth or a musty smell constantly coming from the supply grids, the cleaning ducts won't do much good if they don't remove the mold. When I first moved into my new house, the home inspector insisted that I clean the oven and ducts. Not only that, but if you don't clean all parts of the ductwork, you could end up recontaminating the parts you were able to clean as soon as you turn the system back on. Government studies in the United States and Canada and health professionals who have investigated duct cleaning fail to recommend against it, but they do not support it as a routine measure.

Pay attention to the need to clean air ducts as a regular part of ongoing maintenance of your home. Although not always part of their basic cleaning services, many duct cleaning companies often also clean heating and cooling equipment (heat exchangers, cooling coils, condensate drain trays, fan motors, fan blades and fan housings). I recommend hiring a duct cleaning team that has researched to be honest, background checked, drug tested, insured and highly recommended by its docks in the area. The completion of a house remodeling project should ensure proper cleaning, since sawdust and other debris can infiltrate the ducts.

A duct cleaning company can go out and find out why the air is so dirty and why your building doesn't heat or cool as before. Currently, there is no research that shows that routine duct cleaning improves air quality or reduces dust in your home. . .